Our people

Khaimook is a collaboration of three Thai people:  Sam, Parika and Ratchada. Born and raised in Thailand, they grew up in an environment where food culture was an essential part of their lives.
Since they came to Belgium, they cherished one big dream: to share their love for Thai food and open their own restaurant. Step by step, they got to know their customer, Belgian food preferences, the hottest and latest food trends…  Over the years, Sam in particular started sharing his passion for food with top chefs from around the world.
Now, ten years later, it is time to get their hands dirty: Khaimook is born.

Between the three of them, Sam, Parika and Ratchada bring together typical Thai flavours, herbs and styles from different parts of their country : the north, the south and the centre of Thailand. With original Thai cooking techniques from past and present generations, Khaimook combines several generations of Thai cooking,  translating it to today’s modern, yet authentic street food.

The result is a unique blend of genuine, honest and healthy Thai food that leaves no room for compromise. Only the best ingredients qualify, only authentic  dishes make it to the menu. 


  • Parika


    Chef cook & Owner Khaimook Thai street food

  • Sam


    Manager & Founder of Khaimook

Our core values

Authentic street food

We bring the one and only original Thai street food, made on the spot when you order. For people with little time, yet a healthy appetite.

Healthy lunches

Thai food is typically light and packed with vitamins. With our lunch, no heavy stomach and slow digesting afterwards, you can go straight back to work (if you want to, that is)!


Since Khaimook stands for honest products, we pay special attention to the sustainability of our packaging. Our take-away boxes are made from 100% sugar cane and palmleafs, which makes them durable and recyclable.


Khaimook Thai street food

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